Johannesburg, Gauteng  26th February – Layziehound is pleased to present his exhibition, titled “HAZARDOUS DICTION”, at 95 Commissioner Street. The press and public will be invited to view the artwork and meet the artist between 12:00h and 18:00h on Sunday 26 February 2017.

 “Hazardous Diction” is a collaboration by Layziehound, Goodlord Shoyisa, Matthews Tshuma, James Shield and Azael Langa. They have had a brief overview of the work they’ll be doing together; they each began to work on sections of the canvas, each contributing their own individual style to the body of work.

 “Art Should Disturb the Comfortable and Comfort the Disturbed” – Cesar Cruz.

The Show ‘Hazardous Diction’ represents those who are voiceless towards whatever harm they’ve suffered from Hazardous words inflicted by everyday society. Words spoken without much consideration for the next person could potentially spread poisonous defects to the mind resulting in possible substance abuse and self-worthlessness etc. depending on the individual’s strong spiritual resilience to absorb such negativity of what has been said against them.

Words do not only have the power to pollute, but they also have potential to kill, not only the mind but also ones dreams and future aspirations beyond the ignorant present. It’s Hazardous even from a parent’s point of view to tell a child for instance that they’ll never amount to anything. The mission is to offend the offenders, using the power of words.

Layziehound about his work; We are not judges nor are we saints. The show highlights the problematic part of our diction’s everyday towards Politics, Education, Social influences and the dangerous impact of hazardous words conveyed. Through ‘Words’ wars have been declared and nations have been divided. The gas mask is a metaphor for the pollution caused by words and the immunity projected by the offenders.

The Influence comes from various things in society, reading newspapers or driving across town and reading pluck cards on the side of the roads and some conversations are triggered by artists in the studio as well as the ones participating in the collaboration, we have thrown in as many fresh words as we can get away with, Yours is to realize that words have such significant power! Be conscious on how you use them.

 Materials used to convey the purpose are; Liberal Mix of Color, Mix Media, Installations, Ashes etc.

 Layziehound is a dynamic Johannesburg-based artist who graduated from APS since 2007 and whose work has been featured in Various Galleries and publications. Latest exhibitions of his work will appear at the 13th Floor gallery,’the former Dope store’ (Urban Ocean Building development Properties).

For more information on the exhibition, contact Fundi Malinga at 083 499 7223 or go to the 13th Floor’s website at