“Thabo Motseki aims big with his Craft at Group Exhibition Show”


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—Thabo Motseki was born in 1980 in a largely disadvantaged township called Masilo, Theunssen in the Free State. He later moved to Johannesburg due to health reasons and to further his studies. At age 13, Thabo was involved in a tragic accident that led to his hospitalisation for three years , and for the entire duration was confined to a bed with no sense of movement.

—In his road to recovery, he was frequently in and out of hospital flor operations and physiotherapy, and each day promising to give back his locomotive ability. Within this hurtful period, Thabo did not despair, as the dreams and visions he had whilst in his three weeks long comma stirred within him a deep curiosity and drive to share his mind with the world through art. Nonetheless, his confidence grew steadily and coupled with the desire to learn, he enrolled with the South Western Gauteng College, thus beginning his moulding process.

—In 2004 Thabo attained a certificate in Fine arts at South Western Gauteng College. In 2007 he completed his three year course in Printmaking at Artist Proof Studio, He conducted his first Solo Exhibition same in 2008 at APS, and he was absorbed as an employee therein and complete his Facilitation and Assessing Course with EDL (Educational Development Leaning) Accredited by Mapp Sita NQF Level 4. In 2012 He was part of group exhition at JAG as APS project, Whilst independently running his printing studio, he received the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Award, where he was one of the top fiftee artists, later he was commissioned by Stive Biko Foundition at king Williams Town and He donated two of his works at African world Heritage for fundraising Auctions.

—Some of Thabo’s work was exhibited in China (Guanlan) International Print Bienniaal along side Diane Victor in 2012 and 2013. and in 2014 Thabo opened his own studio, which has thus far  been graced by the likes of David Phoshoko and Rhona Ghovi.

—In 2015 He was independently curated and market his second Solo Exhibion Workers Museum, A year after which is 2016 he also conducted his 3rd solo independently at Museum Africa, Currently his working on his forth Solo at Ansteys 13th floor

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 About : Group Exhibition Show

Thabo Motseki:
There is a recurring image in Thabo Motseki’s exhibition Mobile Lines. That of the SABC building in Auckland Park. On one work it is engulfed in black lines that seem to have it’s origin in this tower. A giant antenna saturating the skies with it’s broadcasts. Media is power, is clearly the message here. In other works the SABC building makes a far less powerful appearance. It is literary sinking in its own waves.

Does Thabo want to take down the SABC? Not really. But a reset would be nice as one of his titles suggests: “Reload (Missing Data)”.

Buildings and landscapes obscured by waves and lines come back in the rest of this exhibition. Some images are deconstructed to the point of total abstraction. The works show scenes from Soweto, the inner city, industrial structures and many versions of that SABC building.

Cassius Khumalo about his work:
‘I believe we all have healing powers. Some heal by talk, others by prayer, others heal by ritual. I heal with my work’. The message behind Cassius’ work is for individual interpretation. However, the Red and White beads used throughout his works is an expression of his heritage. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of ‘awakening’ Kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment. Which is the theme behind his 2016 works.
Layziehound about his works:
Bicycle recycling characters, #MYAMBITIONSASARIDER
‘We were born with some, lived with some,dined with some,dated some,worked with some and rode with some. The value lies at whether you lived in that moment or not, because we’re not forever.’ These are reflections on some of his works.


On Sunday 30 October, The Three Artists will take you through this exhibition. The Corner House Building is beautifully located high above the Joburg CBD. The views on the city make a fine combination with the exhibited work.

include images
Media House, by Thabo Motseki, Linocut print, 104,5 x 68 cm, 2015
plus two images of our gallery space with Thabos work in it.
Master of wisdom, by Cassius Khumalo drawn with pastel and charcoal.
Bicycle Riding character -Layziehound Coka