KRO is a music inspired festival. The festivals sole purpose is to unite the genre and leverage the abundant talent at its disposal. Kasi Rap Organisation is a movement by the people for the people. Hence the tag line “The people shall govern”.

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The brand is street-wise and book smart. It talks to the young and the fashionable at heart. It talks the language of the world, a new inclusive and cutting edge brand. It encourages innovation, fearless vocals and visual expression.

The KRO Family is 80 members strong. A unique cocktail of producers, musicians, administrators, fashion designers, graphic designers, developers, marketers, promoters and film makers…the list goes on and on and on. The plan of KRO is to create South Africa’s first Kasi Rap extravaganza.

A quality event, that engages all the senses. A loud event! An event by the people for the people. The songs performed will be taken from the new KRO mixtape. This Mixtape will provide new possibilities, new music to the worlds ears, true stories and real stories on fresh beats. KRO is over showered with talented lyricists, some of whom are true to the meaning, “Ghetto Superstar”.

The making of the mixtape will be filmed to create content for television, social media platforms and print. The KRO mixtape together with the KRO merchandise, the KRO event’s tickets and experience are KRO’s key product offering.

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